What You Need To Consider When Designing Your Terrace

Any property that has a yard needs to be maintained. If it is left on its own it will allow all kinds of weeds and pests to flourish and it will also be an eye sore. But if it is designed properly and maintained it can increase the value of the property and also come be admired of the neighbours. This applies to both home and office properties. Let\’s look at what needs to be considered when designing your terrace.

What the space is for

Before you hire a trusted landscaper in Surrey Hills, you need to know what you want the yard to be used for, If it is for your kids to play in, or if it is to act like a garden to attract the bees and butterflies. If it is an office space you will need to decide if it is to be used as a lunch space for employees or if it is to be a nice and cool interior garden. But there are so many things to factor is such as having tables and chairs, the amount of people the place can hold, is it going to be just a aesthetic place, will you have parties outside or will there be walkways installed etc. These are some of the questions you need to ask and the more questions you ask the more clarity you will have.

Who will frequent the place?

Your designer will have to take in to consideration the people who will use the space. If it is for office use and your employees will only need it is have a chat or to take a mini break then you need not be too specific but if it is for your children to play in the safety needs to be factored in. there will need to be a fence and other precautions such as the type of plants you will have. If you have pets then they too need to be considered as they will need space to run about.


As a landscaping specialist will tell you, there are some nice garden designs that need a lot of maintenance, while others self reliant. Some plants are also like that, they will grow with very little fuss, but some may need round the clock care.

The weather

The plants that you add must be suitable for the climate in the particular area. So if you like the place to be maintained with the least amount of fuss, then it\’s important to have appropriate plants. You can alternatively have seasonal plants which may have to be changed accordingly.